Community Guidelines

The Academic Business and Branding Braintrust (known as ‘AB3’)  is our space to give and receive support and feedback, to share our wins and progress, to say hello and welcome new participants, to ask tech questions and to generally discuss all things business and branding. This space has been thoughtfully created and curated intentionally to be a special place where we can learn and grow together. We want this to be a fun, friendly place to be and that takes your support and help as much as it does ours.

So, with that said, here are some guidelines on how to get the most from this community and become an all-star participant.

AB3 values creativity, diversity, community and grace. We believe everyone is creative and it’s the energy that makes the world go round.  We affirm creation and humanity in its diverse presentation of race, gender, sexuality and belief. We value working together, leaning on friends, sharing with others, and receiving life and joy from the community. We also know that nobody is perfect or superhuman so we give grace and rest to ourselves and others.

Hate speech, bullying and degrading comments will lead to immediate removal and termination of your membership and access to AB3.  If you have a concern about a post or the behavior of a fellow member, tag Monica or Takiyah.  We retain the right to remove any comments or content we feel are inappropriate, without explanation. 

You are welcome to display links to your business site/website in your profile (and forum signature) and can, of course, share links to your web pages when asking for feedback or to show what you’re working on – just not as a pitch for people to buy your products or join your membership, if applicable. If people contact you directly and ask for details because they are actively interested, that is fine. 

Similarly, we understand that some of our participants have created tools/ software/ platforms that might be of use to other business owners, and while it’s ok to share this if someone asks you for it, or if what you offer is exactly what somebody is searching for, AB3 is not a place to market your product/ service by jumping on to multiple posts to shout about your offer. 

If we believe that participants are overtly marketing or spamming the community, their posts will be removed and the participant will be removed from AB3 immediately. 

These community guidelines were developed to support and sustain our participants as we move forward in entrepreneurship and success…because WE want YOU to WIN. 

For the full terms and conditions, please refer to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Effective as of May 1, 2023