Academic Business and Branding Braintrust

In-depth, focused guidance and training for Blackademic women who want to share their knowledge with the world.

 … because WE want YOU to WIN!

Does this sound like you?

If this resonates, then you already know how difficult it is to find resources and support for Blackademic women’s entrepreneurial dreams and growth.

That’s what inspired us to start AB3 — the Academic Business and Branding Braintrust! 

We get it sis. Just like you, we wanted to share our expertise outside of the classroom. We’ve spent countless hours and dollars on:

Sadly, ain’t nobody thinking about us.

This won’t have to be your story!

Introducing AB3 - the Academic Business and Branding Braintrust

In-depth, focused guidance and training for Blackademic women who want to share their knowledge with the world

...because We want You to Win!

It’s a six-week online training with resources on the crucial elements of planning, building, running and growing your successful business on your terms

Plus, AB3 offers the community support you need to ensure your business thrives and meets its full potential.

What Our Blackademics Are Saying

AB3 will help you to:

Articulate your business vision with confidence and clarity

Have a systematic plan with resources for how to launch or strengthen your business

Build your business while maintaining and amplifying your academic credibility

Move your business forward in the way you want it to go and grow, knowing your tax and finances are done right

Stack some paper to pay back those loans or make some coin to have the lifestyle you want

What makes AB3 different?

Hey sis!

We’re Takiyah Nur Amin and Monica A. Coleman, and we are professors, small business owners and long-time friends.

We’ve spent 25 + years as public scholars, sharing the knowledge from our academic degrees with the global classroom.

As public intellectuals, we’ve learned how to live into our purpose and values, do work we find meaningful, impact individuals and communities around the world, and amplify the voices of others. At the same time, we’ve crafted solid academic careers and nurtured thriving businesses. 

Our mission is to help Blackademic women nurture their entrepreneurial dreams within and beyond the academy by teaching models for purpose-led success, sharing resources and providing a supportive community.

We decided to take our knowledge and experience, and use it to help Blackademic women just like you to harness your expertise and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. We created Academic Business and Branding Braintrust to meet the unique needs of Blackademic women expanding their impact in the 21st century. We love helping Blackademic women with the nuts and bolts of building a business that matches their lives and dreams … because We want You to Win!

Reasons to love the Braintrust!

Natasha Robinson

Apply for Academic Business & Branding Braintrust Today!

If you’re ready to nurture your entrepreneurial dreams within and beyond the academy and build a business that both sustains and offers you freedom, then apply today to secure your spot. Simply fill out the application form and join us in this amazing community of Blackademic women.

Summer Intensive: July 7-14, 2024

Three Pay Plan

$ 499
Three Payments of $499 each
  • In-depth focused guidance and training for Blackademic women who want to share their knowledge with the world
  • First payment is charged immediately with the remaining two payments charged in 30 day intervals.

Pay One Time

$ 1497
One-Time Payment
  • In-depth focused guidance and training for Blackademic women who want to share their knowledge with the world
Best Value

Six Pay Plan

$ 250
Six Payments of $250
  • In-depth focused guidance and training for Blackademic women who want to share their knowledge with the world
  • First payment is charged immediately with the remaining two payments charged in 30 day intervals.

All prices listed are in US Dollars

4 ways to grow inside AB3

Weekly Lessons and Feedback

Ready to have a handle on all the key aspects of growing or refining your business? Takiyah and Monica guide you through the core components of growing your business. You will emerge from each with a plan/ roadmap for the next step you need to take to reach your goals.

Cheatsheets and Templates ​

Doing most of your negotiating through email exchanges? We share our proven templates and cheatsheets for workflows, proposals, intakes and contracts. These models will get your business side down pat so you can focus on your craft!

Vetted References

Web designers, small business tax accountants, branding specialists, business services, oh my! Sure you can surf the web for what you need and hope they are legit and understand the academy too.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! Our vetted references will save you precious time and energy as you put your best professional foot forward.

Community of Blackademic Women Like You

Who do you talk to about your tagline, your gigs, pricing, and the academic entrepreneur balance? Other Blackademic women, moving along the same path you’re on. In our exclusive community, you’ll meet up to share, learn and get feedback from co-journeyers.

Topics We Cover in the Weekly Lessons

Not sure if AB3 is right for you?

AB3 is not for everyone

The Braintrust is for you if:

The Braintrust is not for you if:

We aren’t trying to talk you out of your business dreams. If the Braintrust is not the right fit for you, that’s ok.  We want you to win at your goals, and if this isn’t for you, we hope you find the resources that will get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It’s important for black women to have spaces where we can nurture and grow our business dreams together, but ultimately we welcome anyone in solidarity with helping Blackademic women achieve their entrepreneurial goals within and beyond the academy.  

That said, all non-men/ women of color are welcome to join the bootcamp. The important thing is that you love what we’re doing here and want to be in community with us. 

No.  We welcome new academic entrepreneurs. If you just have an idea or you’ve been Zooming into a couple other campus classrooms and you want to formalize your endeavors, the bootcamp will help you out. We give a clear method for the decisions you need to make and the steps you need to take to get on solid footing and up and running with your business. If you feel confused, Monica and Takiyah are just an email away 

Are you happy with where your business is? Feel like you got your mission, taxes, website, branding on point and popping.  Are you consistently hitting your business goals?  If not, then this Braintrust is not too basic for you.  As a seasoned academic entrepreneur, you’ll get inspired by peers who are operating at your level and higher and you might learn something new from the folks just starting out.  You’ll refine your business model and tighten your operations so you can have the kind of flourishing business you want.

Fill out the application form. We’ll notify you immediately that we received your application and you’ll hear from us within five days.  All applicants will be notified of the status of their application.  

Once you’ve been accepted to the AB3, you’ll be prompted to submit your payment (in full or through payment plan) and you’ll receive your credentials to log-in to the members-only area of The Braintrust to access further details.

We kick off with a live online mixer. And you a receive a new lesson each Monday for six weeks. Each week, we hold live office hours where you can ask questions and share ideas as a cohort. We end with a final live session.  In the summer intensive, this occurs over the course of one week.

Yes but each member will need to have a separate application

You are responsible for making a clear decision when enrolling for this Braintrust. Your deposit and payments are non-refundable. Takiyah and Monica offer this Braintrust in the spirit of excellence.  Therefore you can expect to enjoy a quality and rewarding learning experience

You can look forward to having weekly action assignments related to the week’s lesson.  The weekly leeons are inspirational, informational and practical.  To receive the greatest benefit, you will need to apply the content and “do the work”  This learning is for YOU.  You won’t be “turning in homework” for any kind of evaluation.

The cost of The Braintrust is $1497. 

Yes – you can pay in full, or in 3 or 6 monthly  installments. 

Probably. Depending on where you are with your business. Inside the Braintrust, we offer solutions for a range of budgets and situations.

We’re here to support you in making the best decision for your business growth trajectory. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please email us at [email protected] and someone from our team will be in touch ASAP. 

Love this idea but not ready to commit?

Grab our free resource on “12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Blackademic Entrepreneur.” If you’re thinking of hanging your shingle outside of the academy or want to share knowledge outside of your institution- here’s are 12 questions to ask yourself

12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Blackademic Entrepreneur

If you're unsure if academic entrepreneurship is right for you or how to fit entrepreneurship into the rest of your life, then grab our 12 questions PDF.
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